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We deal with the production of led displays which can be used in pinballs, which suitable to exchange the old plasma displays. Some part of our products is under development. In the production we use printed circuits board with a professional quality and standard components. Testing is performed by original pinball MPUs.

Prices may vary according to current exchange rates.

Contacts and order:
Tel: +36 20 947 0048

Order via email!

Our supply currently Displays of:
-Bally/Stern 1974-1985
-Bally 6803
-Williams System 3 4 6
-Williams System 6A 7 8 9
-Williams System 7 Hyperball (Under Playfield)
-Williams/Bally System 11 11A 11B 11C
-Williams System 11B Banzai Run
-Williams/Bally WPC
-Data East System 1 2 3
-Zaccaria Gen 1 2
-Gottlieb System 1 80 80A
-Gottlieb System 80B
-Gottlieb System 3
-Atari Gen 1

Under development:
-Alvin G. 2x20
-Dot Matrix Family

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